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2024 Nationals Results

18U: 13th Place

18U Provincials.jpg

17U: Gold Medalists - Tier 4

17U Blue.jpg

16U: Bronze Medalists - Tier 1

16U Nationals.jpg

15U: Silver Medalists - Tier 6


2024 Club Provincial Results

18U: Gold Medalists - Tier 1

18U Provincials.jpg

Season Results:

Kelowna Super Series - 1st Place

Fraser Valley Super Series - 1st Place

Best of the West (Calgary) - 1st Place

UFV 17/18U Tournament - 1st Place

Provincials - 1st Place

17U : 6th Place - Tier 1

17U : 6th Place - Tier 1

17U Team.jpg

Season Results:

Island Super Series - 1st Place

Fraser Valley Super Series - 5th Place (17U teams)

Best of the West (Calgary) - 13th Place

UFV 17/18U Tournament - 5th Place

Provincials - 6th Place

16U: Gold Medalist - Tier 1

16U Provincials.jpg

15U: Gold Medalist - Tier 2

15U Provincials.jpg

14U: Silver Medalist - Tier 1

14U Carlos.jpg

Season Results:

Douglas College Royal Rumble - 1st

Seaside Playday - undefeated (no placings)

Island Super Series - 1st

FV Super Series - 2nd

FV Regionals - 2nd

Provincials - 2nd (tier 1)

14U: Silver Medalist - Tier 2

14U Marco.jpg

Season Results:

Seaside Playday - no standings

Fraser Valley Super Series - 11th 

Interior Super Series - 7th 

Fraser Valley Regionals - 6th

Provincials - 2nd Division 2

2022 Volleyball BC Club Provincials Recap

The Volleyball BC Provincial Championships were a great success.

Volleyball BC.png
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